Monday, December 14, 2009

A Few Pictures

Grant checking out the tree. The boy LOVES his paci (he calls it a baba). Laura has now lost her two front bottom teeth. She looks like a different child!!! (sniff sniff)
Decorating snowman cookies
Carriage ride at Harding among all the white twinkling lights


April said...

Oooo...the carriage ride looks like fun! Great family picture, too!!! I think I'll cry when Mackenzie begins to loose her baby teeth. Somehow, that just seems like such a huge milestone. Laura looks cute, and Grant does, too! :)

Holly Aytes said...

Love the carriage rides! Is that something new Harding is doing? That would be so much fun....used to do that in downtown Memphis. We always do that when we go to Charleston. The kids get a kick out of it. I can't believe Laura has lost 2...Caleb just lost his first one Sunday morning. He looks so different.

Ginger said...

Great pictures! It is sad when they start losing the baby teeth. Will looks so cute missing his two front teeth, I think I will cry when the permanent teeth come in :(

Alisa said...

I haven't stopped by in a while, but I have to say what an adorable family picture that is in your blog header!