Friday, June 27, 2008

Early Morning Risers

Living in the central time zone has only made our children wake up earlier. Today at 6:00 a.m., Laura (who is sleeping in my bed because Jim is in Knoxville picking up the "stuff" we couldn't fit into the U-Haul truck) wakes up looking for the items she dragged to bed with her last night. Her latest fixation is a very small finger puppet baby Jesus from our Christmas nativity soft toy. I can't tell you how many times we have searched the house high and low looking for this small figure to avoid a major meltdown.

Grant was up at 6:45 a.m. (not for the first time!!) ready to greet us with big smiles and coos. I took this picture as we attempted to go to Gillam Farms on Wednesday to pick blueberries. We sadly found out when we arrived that they no longer allow you to pick the fruit because of all the latest sanitation issues with the tomato pickers.
By 7:00 a.m, Laura was in her tap shoes requesting music to put on a show for me.
Overall, our last two weeks in Searcy have been pretty good. The house is nearly set up, thanks to my parents who have been a tremendous help to us. As Jim's blog states, Laura still asks to go home atleast a couple times everyday. I mimic her feelings as well. We are definitely still adjusting to our new home. As Jim reminds me when we are feeling homesick for our friends in Knoxville, he says "we always have each other."


Cara said...

I love that first picture of Grant. Such a charmer! Can't wait to see you next week.

Holly Aytes said...

Laura looks so grown-up all of the sudden...I know she hasn't aged that much in a couple of weeks. Madison has asked if we can go to church and see laura and "kenizie"! I hope things get easier for her (and you too). Just know you are missed here in Knoxville too.

Anonymous said...

I loved meeting the finger puppet the other day. She does have an sweet...walking around with baby Jesus!

Cindy said...

I thought Laura looked more grown up in that shot, too! Wow!

Sorry the kids are such early risers...have you tried black-out shades? I've heard they work wonders. Knock on wood, but my boys are currently rising around 7:30 or's been bliss!

Miss you!!

Sara said...

Don,t you just wish that kids came with snooze buttons? There are so many times that my alarm (Carter) goes off and I'm just not quite ready to get up. But I'm learning that his beautiful smile that I'm greeted with is totally worth it.

The finger puppet craze cracks me up! I got a great chuckle out of reading your blog.

April said...

I'm with Sara Langford...snooze buttons on kids would be PERFECT! :) Seriously, so very sorry that they have been up so early. It is hard to function when tired. A day is coming when we will all get a good night's rest...someday! ;)

I love the pics of the kids. I'm glad your parents have helped get your new house in order.

We enjoyed having Jim here last night. Poor guy. We treated him like family. (Meaning, breakfast was cold cereal or poptarts or whatever he could find on his own as the kids and I weren't even up when he headed out this morning!) Not to mention, we enjoyed visiting so much that we kept him up really late. That are ALL welcome back ANYTIME! We were glad to see him and enjoyed having you with us "on the cell." :)

Melanie said...

Grant has such a great smile! It has to be a little hard to be upset when you go to pick him up and see that face! Hopefully they will adjust to the time soon. I have just gotten Carter on summer time and that still means waking up by 8:00. I just make up for it by taking a nap in the afternoon when I can!

Shana said...

Oh..I know how you feel having early risers. Lexi is my early riser. I might have to try the black out shades idea.

I love that Laura was ready to put on a tap dance for you and I love Grant's picture!

P.S. Maybe you should buy several extra baby Jesus finger puppets. ha.

Allison said...

We already miss you guys so much! Glad to hear the move and settling in is going okay. I love the smiley pic of Grant! Sydney likes it too:)