Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hair Dilemma

Two years ago this June, I decided to grow my hair out for "Locks of Love".

Yesterday, I had a h/c appt. for a slight trim and the plan was to do the big cut in June. Unfortunately, that plan changed. My hairdresser begins to tell me that "Locks of Love" is no longer accepting highlighted hair. WHAT? I can sacrifice months of long and hot hair, but I've got to keep my hair highlighted, come on! dilemma...I haven't grown my hair out for two years for nothing. I want to be able to donate to some organization. This is where I need your help. I've done a little internet surfing, in all my spare time, to find other hair donation organizations. I haven't had much luck mainly because I get interrupted a lot during my searching. So, if you know of any places where I can donate my hair, please share.


Dallas said...

my sister-in-law found a place...i will email her today and let you know as soon as i hear back from her. what a crazy new rule!

Ginger said...

why won't they accept highlighted hair? i would think that would eliminate a lot of donations!

Shana said...

Oh what a bummer! I have a good friend who is a stylist and I will ask her.

lewister said...

None of the groups that use human hair for wigs will take highlighted hair. They have to use hair from 6-12 different people to make one wig, so they need to be able to color it all the same and bleached hair won't take color well.

If you really want to give your hair away, you could send it to Matters of Trust. They use the hair to make mats to clean up oil spills and can use it in any condition.

More info on lots of different groups, including Matters of Trust, here.

April said...

Hope you figure out your hair dilemma! Sorry, I can't help you at all. I think it is neat that you are donating it, though.

So, I'm tagging you to list 7 Random Things About Yourself...IF you want to...I'm not offend if you are WAY too busy to do this!

Cindy Taylor said...

Just curious...what will happen to your hair if you don't highlight it? ;)

Sara said...

LOL just recently decided not to accept highlighted hair b/c they were getting so much donated hair. It was one way to decrease their donations. Bummer, that I just found out about it.

I could choose not to continue to highlight my hair, however, I'd have to grow it all out probably taking atleast another year or so...not willing to do that!!

Leticia said...

I have also been growing out my hair for donations and like you was very disappointed when I noticed that no one was taking highlighted hair. After some research I found a place which takes hair in any condition. Here is their website:

What I was wondering is if anyone knows a place in NY where I can get my hair done for free when donating.