Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Birthday, Jim!

Jim celebrated his 33rd birthday yesterday in many different ways!

It unfortunately started a bit early on Friday morning at 12:00 a.m. with a crying child who was in pain with an earache. That lasted for a few hours of off and on crying and forcing medicine down the hatch. We finally rested till 7:00 where we had to get up to get on a plane to Houston. Oh, did I mention that Jim has a cold? Jim + cold = a not so great birthday mood.

We had a very smooth flight which was a huge blessing. Once in Houston, we took Laura to the Doctor where it was confirmed that she does have an ear infection. We thankfully all got naps.

Now, the fun begins....we took Laura to an adorable Christmas program where Jim was one highlight of the show. He was pulled on stage to do the "hokey pokey" and it was a sight to behold. Jim was born to be on the stage dancing a groove.

We had a nice dinner, cheesecake and presents! So, the birthday started a bit rocky, but ended in nice family fun.

Jim, have I told you lately that you are the best daddy to Laura and the sweetest husband to me. Happy Birthday again!

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Elizabeth said...

Hi, Sara! It's Elizabeth Ray Patterson. I stumbled across your blog and didn't realize it was you for a while. I saw a picture of your husband and thought, "That looks like Jim." Then it hit me. I scrolled back up to see what your husband's name was...ha! How are you? Tell Jim hi for us!