Sunday, December 16, 2007

Who said Sunday is a day of rest?

I find Sundays to be extremely exhausting. Sometimes I leave church in a bad mood and ready for everyone to leave me alone!

A usual Sunday begins with Laura waking us up and lying in bed with us. I like this part! Then it is typically a race to shower, dress, eat breakfast, and get to Sunday school on time. Since I share 3rd-grade teaching responsibilities with someone, it is best if I am there before my students on the days that I am teaching.

The class is a lively bunch and once that is over, I grab Laura from her class and go to the nursery to make sure the workers have arrived. If they haven't, that means I have to hunt them down. I usually get to service after it has started. Then the real fun begins....entertainment until Children's Church begins! Usually Laura does just fine in church; however, we are busy with snacks, coloring, and occasional threats! Bottom is hard to concentrate!!

After church, of course, is the ride home with a hungry family in tow ready to eat the minute we walk in the door. A quick lunch is made, and I'm usually the last to sit down. (sob) Then, if we are lucky, Laura takes a nap — and so do I. However, on no-nap Sundays, it can be ugly. On Sunday nights, we either have a small group meeting or a congregational meeting at the building. It is just a rough day!

I welcome any suggestions on making Sunday more smooth. Am I the only one out there who thinks the Day of Rest is one of the busiest days of the week!


Jim Miller said...

You'd think after reading this that I don't attend church with you! I want your readers to know that I take Laura to the worship service while you manage the nursery workers!

You do a great job juggling those responsibilities, Sara. Thanks for taking such good care of your family!

And I certainly agree, Sundays are one of the busiest days of the week!

Love you.

Brittyne Fitzgerald said...

I DETEST Sundays. In fact, I am really struggling to like church at all. Between all three of mine, I rarely ever get to listen and spend most of my time convincing one of them that we do want to be there and church is a fun place. Is it always this hard? I wonder if there is not a better time for church than early on Sunday morning. No answers girl, just shared pain!

Dallas said...

Agreed! Sundays are difficult. Usually, we have to wake up Nora, which is never fun! Yesterday we had small group at our house, so that meant cleaning (it was time to clean since I had only been doing surface cleaning the past few weeks). Nora also didn't want to nap. She finally wore herself out from playing around 3:00 and then didn't get up until 6:45!!!! It was long night.

I have no advice, just wanted you to know that I agree and feel your pain.

Cara said...

I'm offering no advice either, sorry. But I completly feel your pain! Our Sunday begins early and ends late. I am really praying for a youth minister soon, so our late devo nights with the teenagers will be over! I can't imagine coming home at 7 and being finished for the night. Also, I'm going to have to find someone to sit with us after the baby is born. Austin is still a handful during church and Kent is usually doing something in the service! So, in 9 weeks we're going to add a baby to the mix! What fun!

Jenn said...

I agree with you, but I do have to tell you that it gets better with time. Grace and Sus can now dress themselves and I just have to do their hair....Aaron is completely in charge of Parkerman (I do lay out the clothes) and then we are off to run around church, too. I think if we weren't teaching, it wouldn't seem quite so hectic, but we are, so, it does. I INSIST on Sunday afternoon naps, though, they are a must, for everyone!!! :) Isn't it nice that we are all in the same boat? I do love seeing all my friends at church. We just let the kids run all around the foyer so that we can chit chat for a little while!!

Brad, Amy & Sadie said...

Lots of pills.


Cassie said...

It sounds like your plate is full with your responsibilities at church. Last year was like that for us. We were teaching the babies, then friends came by to talk, and Bible study in our house. This year we needed to have more family time so we decided to not teach the babies. We did start teaching a college Bible study but the students help out with Anna. So, we all as a family get to make personal relationships with the students.

Naps are a must on Sundays. I do not ever take one but I want the rest of the house asleep! That is my time to do something to decompress from the rest of the day.
I do find Sunday to be a busy day and my only suggestion is to maybe change up some of the responsibilities you have right now. I know that is hard because a lot of people do not want to take on teaching or being the person in charge. Once you hand something over though find something else you can do still help out the church.
Oh - try to recover on Monday! ha ha
I know my comment was long but I think all mommies feel your pain too!!!!

Joice Family said...

I think it is crazy too! I can say is does get better as the kids get older - dressing themselves, entertaining themselves during worship until children's church(they usually sing with the rest of us). Don't get me wrong, Chad does help most of the time...

Naps on Sunday are a must, but are getting few and far between for us. The girls are required to have quiet time - most times they fall asleep.

Not that I am recommending this, but you could back out of the "Coordinator" job easily with a new baby coming. I had to do that when Bentley was born. I didn't mean for this to be so long. Miss seeing you guys!