Friday, January 4, 2008

Holiday Wrap-Up

Christmas has come and gone, and Laura is still talking about Santa. He made a big impression on her this year, which made it fun for all of us.

We celebrated Christmas Day in Houston with my family. The highlights include taking Laura to "The Nutcracker" with Meme and making our annual gingerbread house. Laura is into ballet so she loved "The Nutcracker," and it brought back great memories of when I went as a young girl.

Of course Christmas morning was filled with squeals and surprises. Jim gave Laura and me matching necklaces, which we will always treasure. My brother and his family of five arrived Christmas afternoon, so the house was filled to capacity. It was a joy to watch the cousins play together. It was naturally fairly chaotic with four children and six adults in one house, but that is what the holidays are all about.

Jim's folks spent New Year's with us in Knoxville. We had our annual game night, and Jim got intensely into Scrabble. I lost both rounds! We were thrilled that Jeanne (Jim's sister) was able to come as well for a few days. Laura LOVED all the attention and especially enjoyed playing with Jeanne's dog, Truman. He's a fluffball and was tolerant of all the chasing.

Now, the families are gone, the presents are unpacked, the sweets are eaten, and it is back to the routine. I'm glad. It was a wonderful 12 days of fun, but it nice to return to a schedule.

As Jim posted in a previous blog, 2008 is full of many changes for our family. We pray all will go smoothly as each event approaches.

I'd love to hear any special memories of your Christmas and hopes for the new year.


Cara said...

Ok...the picture of you, your mom, and Laura is so sweet! Sara, you look like a teenager! We are praying for a healthy baby, too and hopefully an easy adjustment to a family of 5!

Maria said...

What a fun holiday! Sounds so fun. Can you believe I have never seen the Nutcracker. I am ashamed.

I will blog about the holiday shortly but it was a great time with Aidan. I can't wait for him to know Santa like Laura did this year. You and Jim and Laura and new baby Miller (if its a girl, 'Maria' is always a good choice in names by the way) are in my prayers for 2008.
Love you!

Brad, Amy & Sadie said...

Well, I regret not taking Laura to The Nutcracker, since she loves to "do ballet"! But I could not get over my frugle-ness and pay $30 a ticket... Next year, for sure.

My favorite Christmas moment was probably when Sadie sat with Brad at the dining room table, writing a note to Santa to put by the milk and cookies she helped bake. I don't remember ever doing that as a child, but it was so special for her!


Brad, Amy & Sadie said...

Um, MY child's name is Sadie. So I regret not taking SADIE to the Nutcracker this year...

You understand.

aprillong said...

I love it! Your whole blog was so much fun to read. I also enjoyed the pictures, of course! My favorite is the one of Laura, Meme, and you. You all look soo much alike and so very happy.

Cassie said...

Great family fun!
My favorite Christmas memory this year was making goodies with Anna. We let her make her own cookies this year - well they are really funny. I should make a post about them. They were truely her own creation!

I am excited about your changes coming up this year. Hum.... the one I am most excited about is you guys moving back! I can't wait for our girls to play together again. Anna talks about Laura all the time and wants to know when she is coming to play.

Anonymous said...