Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Getting the Boot

The thought of being kicked off a plane because my child throws a temper tantrum hits close to home.

Laura and I fly at least two or three times a year to visit my parents. And she is not always on her best behavior.

Could I be the next one to make news?


Cassie said...

Laura is too well behaved for this to happen to you. I do agree with the airlines. Think about it - if you were on that plane would you want to hear that all the way to Boston? I would have been fed up with that. Not to mention being late for a connecting flight.
This just tells me what we are doing at home will influence how Anna acts in public.

Ryan said...

When my sister was pregnant, she and her husband were flying over from France, and heard a baby crying for much of the flight.

Her thought? "Next year that'll be us!"

Still, as I understand it, the airline didn't kick this family off because the kid was crying, but because they were delaying the flight because the kid wouldn't get in her seat. Sounds like the family was trying to negotiate with their kid. While I applaud a family that tries to explain the rationale for good behavior, instead of demanding mindless obedience, there are some times you can't take the time to negotiate. As I guess the family learned.

Dallas said...

Oh my goodness! Nora has yelled on a few flights before (yes, already less than a year old and has been on a few flights) and I try with all my might to shut her up! I don't think, I know, I wouldn't reason with her, she is the child, you are the adult and a whole bunch of other adults are trying to enjoy their flight. Do whatever it takes!