Monday, January 22, 2007

Go Lady Vols

I had the privilege of attending my first Lady Vol's basketball game tonight. Unfortunately they lost by 4 points, but it was a good game with lots of excitement. In case you didn't know, Pat Summitt, the women's head coach, has more wins than any other college basketball coach in history-men's or women's.

I had several observations tonight:

1. Orange is everywhere when the Vols are playing.

2. Parking garages move really slowly.

3. A night out is a great respite from the daily grind.

4. Diet Coke and M & M's are required when attending a sporting event.

5. Cheerleaders make me laugh.

All in all, it was a pleasant evening.


Dallas said...

cheerleaders make me laugh too!

Cassie said...

I have a great story about cheerleaders at HU. The other night at the ballgame one of the new cheerleaders leaned over (while out infront of the crowd) and asked a more experienced cheerleader "What do we do?" The more experinced cheerleader said "We just stand here and look pretty." I almost laughed myself right off my seat!
They make me LAUGH too!
Sounds like you are getting into basketball??

Anonymous said...

I noticed the "orange" thing one time when Andrew turned on a game that Tennessee was was very cool. I love to take the girls to the HU volleyball games. I really like for them to see girls playing sports especially when they know some of them. They are too distracted at bball games so far. Maybe later!