Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Interesting Conversations

Recently, Laura has been holding some pretty funny conversations with Jim and me.

Here are some of my favorites:

1. I ask, "Laura, are you a stinker?" Her response, "Ummm...maybe."

2. As she is changing her stuffed elephant's diapers, she says, "Mommy, elephant poo-poo, shooowee. I need to put in trash."

3. As we eat dinner she comments, "This is delicious...yummy."

4. Jim and Laura spent some quality time on Friday night. Jim was videoing her singing some songs, which I hope to upload soon. Jim starts out a song for her, and she says with a pointed finger in his face, "Shh, Daddy, no singing."

5. Laura is always proud of her artwork and will say, "I made that."

6. Any time Jim or I dress Laura for the day, she always says, "Mommy gave that to me." I guess that's true since I buy most of her clothes.

Such a fun age right now.


Anonymous said...

Precious! She sounds like she is a very confident little girl...awesome!

barbaralooney said...

I thought MeMe gave "most" of her clothes!!

Dallas said...

I can't wait until Nora can talk (in sentences)! What fun she will be and I will laugh so much!

Cassie said...

It is so nice when the little ones start talking with you. Sounds like she has had a big vocab boost since we were there. I am sure the new words are daily.

doloresmiller212 said...

I hope you are keeping a record of her first words and cute sayings, because when she's grown she will ask! I can't wait to see all of you. Love, Mom M