Saturday, March 10, 2012

San Gimigiano & Sienna

A clear blue sky awaited us as we boarded the bus for San Gimigiano. This was definitely one of my favorite towns. It was quaint, adorable and a beautiful city surrounded by towers. The town originally had 72 towers, and now only 15 remain. The weekly market was that day and the little shops were open along the cobbled street.

We visited the Duomo which was decorated in Old and New testament frescoes. Our time went so quickly and after we had climbed to the top of the city, it was time to go.

On our way to Sienna, we ate lunch at Monteriggioni. This is a medieval Tuscany town surrounded by its virutally intact curtain walls and fourteen towers.
After lunch, we headed to Sienna where we toured their Cathedral. We let the kids play in the Piazza del Campo which houses the Torre del Mangia and is also famous for hosting the Palio horse races.

I really enjoyed Sienna and our day was complete with a meal together at a local favorite restaurant.

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