Sunday, March 11, 2012

Loving and Missing

What I miss:
1. My clothes smelling like Downy.
2. Lingering over a cup of coffee--Italians drink their caffe in 5 minutes.
3. My mom and dad and Friends-being able to just pick up the phone and call my mom every morning or a friend real quick. I miss that.
4. A schedule for my children.
5. Alone time
6. Annie sleeping in our bed at night.
7. Diet coke--- coke light just isn't the same!

What I love:
1. My clothes are washed and folded by Ms. Paola.
2. Cappuccino - tastes nothing like American Cappuccino
3. Italians being so helpful and sweet-especially to Laura and Grant.
4. Simplicity of Italian culture-there are really no conveniences here-like drive thru food. I love that. You have to plan ahead and not rely on McDonald's or Little Caesar's to feed you.
5. Technology is not a big deal here. You won't find Italians on their phones ALL the time. I enjoy that.
6. Beauty-I haven't been to an ugly place yet.
7. City life-it is nice to just hop on a tram or train to get to your destination.

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Ginger said...

Great post, Sara! I know it must be hard having no schedule for your kids, but think of all they are learning and the amazing memories you guys are making. A once in a lifetime opportunity for sure!