Saturday, March 24, 2012

Free Travel #3-Santa Margherita

The last three days of our free travel was spent in the beautiful Italian Riveria. We based ourselves in Santa Margherita at the Hotel Continental. March is low season for this area, so we were able to stay at a nice hotel with a huge balcony overlooking the Ligure Sea.
As our train rolled through the countryside, we saw beautiful mountains with snowy peaks; then we passed the rugged portion of the coast going through the towns of Cinque Terre; and, finally to our town of Santa Margherita which we happened to miss by mistake and ended up in Genova.

We had decided to visit the Genova Aquarium, so since we were already there we changed our plans for the day and headed over there. I was really impressed with the aquarium. The tanks were huge and we got to see up close seals, penguins, jellyfish and more. The kids loved trying to "pet" the stingrays. Unfortunately the dolphin tank was under construction, so much the the kids dismay, we did not see them.
Despite missing our train stop, we had a good day full of adventure!

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