Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Italy Bound

We leave in 2 days. TWO DAYS! I'm excited and nervous all at the same time--a wide range of emotions and anticipation. We signed up to be the faculty on staff for this program when Grant was a baby. (Now my baby will turn 4 while we are over there!) It is just hard to believe that it is finally here.

I have been working on my "to do" list for about 3 weeks now. We will have four college girls staying in our house while we are away keeping things running and taking care of Annie. I am teaching 3 classes while over there and also homeschooling Laura. I'm excited to have small classes and also work with Laura.

I ask for your prayers for safe travels on Thursday and continued prayers as we are away. We return to the states on April 24th.

I plan to blog our family experiences (hopefully regularly) while we are gone, so stay tuned for more.

Until then, ciao.


Holly Aytes said...

I am so excited for y'all (and a little jealous too)! It is going to be so much fun! The kids are going to have a blast! I can't wait to watch your experience through blog posts and pictures!

April said...

SOOO happy you are planning to blog it. I am, indeed, looking forward to your posts, Sara! Love ya! We will be praying that all goes well. Enjoy every moment of it. Lots to take it. Lots to treasure!

Cindy said...

Ditto. :) Enjoy it and soak it all in! What an adventure!