Monday, November 19, 2007

Santa's Lap

We headed to Dollywood on Friday evening to enjoy the Christmas lights and festivities. It was cold!!! We all bundled up and watched the lighted parade and carol of the Christmas tree.

Our last stop was at Santa's Toyshop. Laura had been talking about sitting in his lap and telling him what she wanted for Christmas. I had my doubts if she would truly do it. We waited in line and finally had our turn and she did it. As you can tell from the picture, she was a little bit shy, but she did tell Santa that she wanted a dolly this year. A few days prior to our visit with Santa, she had told me and Jim that she wanted a new pair of panties from Santa, so I'm relieved that she asked for a doll.


aprillong said...

I am laughing out loud as I type this! "Panties from Santa!" I love it! I do hope that, even though Laura did not embarrass you by asking for them, Santa will still bring her a new pair. :) I bet he will bring her a new dolly, too!!! How precious! The picture of Laura in Santa's lap is very cute. I suspect that Mackenzie will refuse to sit in Santa's lap this year, as she refused last year, too. Maybe I'll get to be in the picture with her again-HA. At least we manage to get a picture with her and Santa in the same frame each year...even if it does mean me standing next to Santa holding Mackenzie.

aprillong said...

Alright, Jim, if you read my above comment, don't analyze the grammar too closely! I typed fast and "published" without proofing. That last sentence is pretty botched...was it me holding Mackenzie or Santa holding Mackenzie...oh, well. :)

Ginger said...

Hysterical...I am laughing out loud at the thought of Laura asking for panties!! I just love Laura!!
We have missed you guys!!

Cassie said...

Ok please tell me that Santa is bringing this girl some new PANTIES!!! Really that is a great story for the baby book - or the "Laura's funny sayings." I would have really laughed if she told Santa she wanted a new pair of panties. Even better a photo of your two faces when she said that to Santa! PRICELESS!