Monday, October 22, 2007

Top Five Favorite Items

There are just some products/items that just make my life easier.

My top five favorite items are: (not in order of importance)

1. It's a Ten Miracle Leave In Product-I'm not really a big conditioner type of girl and this product eases the frizz control especially if you use hair dryers or straighteners everyday. It also smells goods!

2. South Beach Protein Bars-I like most of the flavors and since it is high in fiber, it really sticks with you. I eat one everyday as a mid-morning snack.

3. Bed Head After Party-It tames those fly aways after you blow dry your hair.

4. Weigel's Milk-This is a Tennessee convenience/gas store, however, they have some good milk. It seemed like we were going through milk fast in our house (mainly because of me since Laura is not a big milk drinker), so we would just go down the street to our local Weigel's for milk. I'm glad we beats Wal-mart or Kroger milk any day!!

5. Bounty Select A Size Paper Towels-You can use a big sheet or a little sheet. They are also perfect for a quick napkin. However, I'm a southern girl and still use nice sturdy napkins at dinner.

Share some of your favorite products.


Maria said...

It's funny how we both mention hair products. But mine is my CHI Straigtener. I don't know how I left the house without it. And right now I have to say Aidan's bottle. It just works everytime. I am going to be sad to break him of the bottle!!

Holly said...

I bought some of the South Beach Protein Bars tonight! I have heard they are good. Are you going to Homecoming? I like your post!

Jeanne said...

i agree with maria, i do not know how i survived before the chi.

my other favorite, can NOT live without, would be the clorox bleach wipes.

cute post!

Jim Miller said...

Very interesting, sweetie. I didn't know anything about the leave-in hair product or the after-party tamer.

We do go to a lot of parties...

Anyway, my favorite products: ESPN and DVR. What does that say about me?

Oh, another favorite product: Apple. :)

I love and miss both of you a ton. Please hurry home, my dear...

Brittyne Fitzgerald said...

Don't think I'm crazy...

Chlorox Bleach Pen - I use it on tile in the shower, on little girl shirts...everything!

My Swiffer - wet or dry...I couldn't exist without it.

Wet Wipes - what mom doesn't love them?

Cool Whip - even the lowest calorie yuck tastes like a treat with cool whip (do you think they could use that for a jingle?)

doloresmiller212 said...

Fiction novels, my bed, popcorn, a good cup of coffee, workout videos, my hubby's homemade wheat bread. Can't wait to try the South Beach Protein Bars!

Ginger said...

I am so with you there on the Wiegel's milk! We have a milk card and have filled it up at least once I know! Have you ever compared prices and realized it is cheaper than Mayfield? And tastes better! I will really miss Wiegel's when we go back to Nashville.