Thursday, October 25, 2007


1. I love to read.

2. I like to work out with my iPod.

3. Chocolate is one of my weaknesses.

4. I've been married for 10 years.

5.I have a beautiful daughter and another child on the way.

6. I drive a mini-van.

7. I love living in Knoxville.

8. I'm already sad knowing we have to move this summer.

9. My best church experience has been at Laurel Church of Christ in Knoxville.

10. The people are real and welcoming.

11. Parenting can be hard.

12. But, it is also fun and rewarding.

13. I like to watch Laura have fun.

14. I love mexican food.

15. The only good mexican restaurants are in Texas.

16. I am afraid of snakes.

17. Really really afraid of snakes.

18. I teach math and like it.

19. Math was one of my hardest subjects in school.

20. I'm glad it is only remedial math.

21. I've never broken a bone.

22. I fell down in the shower when I was 4 and had stitches.

23. I ran the car into the garage when I was 15.

24. That was a really bad day.

25. I wrecked my dad's car on the first day he had it.

26. That was another bad day.

27. I went to Harding University.

28. I got my Bachelor's and Master's.

29. I met some of my best friends there.

30. I met Jim there.

31. It was one of the best experiences of my life.

32. College was the good life.

33. I have one brother who is 2 years older than me.

34. I was born in Indiana.

35. I grew up in Texas.

36. My parents have lived in the same house since we moved here in 1975.

37. I like to come home to the house I grew up in.

38. I am a homebody.

39. I've always been a momma's girl.

40. I cried when I went to 1st grade for many many days.

41. I would fake a fever in 3rd grade to stay home from school.

42. I repeated 3rd grade.

43. My parents thought I was too immature for 4th grade at the time.

44. I moved to a private school when I repeated 3rd grade.

45. I started to like school again.

46. My favorite teachers were my 1st and 4th grade teachers.

47. I was always a good student.

48. I had to study hard to make good grades.

49. I didn't spend the night away from home till I was in 9th grade.

50. Like I said, I was a homebody.

51. I'm surprised I was brave enough to go to college.

52. I'm glad I did it though!

53. I wore braces.

54. I still have a permanent bottom retainer.

55. My teeth are still straight.

56. I think plastic surgery should be paid for by insurance after you have children.

57. Some things will just never be the same again!

58. I miss having a dog.

59. I always had a dog growing up.

60. We are getting a dog when we move back to Searcy.

61. I don't like cats.

62. I love the Fall and Spring.

63. I don't like to be too cold or too hot.

64. I am hard to please when it comes to the temperature.

65. I'm probably hard to please in other areas too!

66. I am stubborn.

67. I am slow to warm.

68. I've always been quiet.

69. I like to be honest with others.

70. I like others to be honest with me.

71. I don't get offended easily.

72. I am not terribly sensitive.

73. Jim is the best husband.

74. He is also a terrific dad.

75. He likes to have fun with Laura.

76. He is a big kid himself.

77. I've been to Australia, Hawaii, and Mexico.

78. I'd like to go to Europe one day.

79. I like to travel.

80. But I don't like to take long car rides.

81. I love to go to the movies and eat buttered popcorn.

82. I like my Mocha from Starbucks with 1% milk, decaf, and extra hot.

83. I have done 3 scrapbooks for Laura. I like it.

84. I am thinking about switching to digital scrapbooks since baby #2 is on the way.

85. I love having a little girl who is a girly girl.

86. I am a reality T.V. junkie.

87. I like to get manicures and pedicures.

88. I also like massages. I need one right now!

89. I go out with my girlfriends once a month.

90. I like to go out with Jim once a month, but it doesn't always happen.

91. I wish we lived closer to our families.

92. I am more a morning person that a night owl.

93. I don't like to get up to an alarm.

94. I get up to an alarm 3 days a week.

95. I like to go swimming.

96. A beach vacation is my favorite.

97. I talk to my mom everyday.

98. She is a good friend and mom to me.

99. I love my family.

100. I did it! I came up with 100 things!

Now it is your turn!


Maria said...

Very Fun Sara! I loved reading this and laughed a lot. Didn't laugh at you of course just with you.

Hope you are enjoying your family this week.

Jeanne said...

101. You're a good mom, wife and sister in law.

I loved reading your list!

Have a great time in TX. Did the timing of your trip have anything to do with the timing of the world series? :)

Dallas said...

I enjoyed those! I'm sad you are moving this summer too...Tennessee is great! We might move there one day. But now we'll have somewhere to stay when we go to Searcy :).

aprillong said...

Thanks for sharing these 100 facts and insights. I really enjoyed reading them! Tell Laura "hi" from Mackenzie. We miss you!

Cara said...

You crack me up! I really laughed reading some of them and remembering the college years. Hey...remember the time the back seat of Jim's car caught on fire with me sitting on it!!!!!!! Love those college days!

Jim Miller said...

Very good, Sara.

102. You are a witty writer.

I must say I knew all 100 of those things about you. They make you the wonderful person you are!

Cara, I certainly remember the backseat incident. The battery was what caught on fire. It was under the backseat! Crazy German cars. Those were fun days.

Love you and miss you, Sara!

Anonymous said...