Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hi, my name is Sara, and I'm an electronic addict

I have been without a cell phone for three weeks.

Mine never recovered after I left it out in the rain. My search for a new phone has not been easy. I'm not excited about spending $150 on a new phone - which is my only option, according to Verizon.

Instead, I've perused Ebay listings, but I haven't yet found a phone that meets my needs. I have, however, learned more than I wanted to know about a phone motherboard.

But I'm still without a phone.

The search for the cell phone has made me realize my dependence on electronics - I am overloaded.

I handle most everything in my life electronically. The computer is always on in our house; I do not even have to dial into the Internet. It is always readily available.

I use my cell phone for all calls, my IPod for musical entertainment, and I desperately want (need?) a TiVo to record shows. If Jim can't watch a specific baseball game, he quickly logs on to and watches it online on his laptop.

Oh, Jim and his laptop. That is a discussion for another day - Jim spends entirely too much time on his iBook G4 either doing schoolwork, blogging, or playing fantasy sports. (I'll address this issue in a further blog.)

Why do we rely so heavily on electronics? What is your electronic addiction?

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