Sunday, July 29, 2007

Finally...A Birthday Post

It has been extremely busy at our house, so I'm a bit behind on blogging!

We had two weeks of company, and each day was spent either on an outing, transforming Laura's baby room to a big girl room, planning for a birthday party, or actually having the parties!

Laura went home with Grandpa and Grandma Miller on Wednesday, and we picked her up today in Kentucky (halfway between Knoxville and St. Louis, where Grandma and Grandpa Miller live).

We are exhausted from a day of driving, but it is good to have our little girl back. Jim and I enjoyed a few uninterrupted days of completing our "to do" lists, and we spent last night in Nashville on our way to pick up Laura.

The quiet rest was nice, but it feels good to be back together.

So...the birthday. Laura turned 3 last Sunday. We had a lot of fun at her tea party with her little friends! They loved drinking from tea cups, dressing up, dancing and playing Ring Around the Rosey.

The second birthday party was with family. Both sets of grandparents made their journey to celebrate this special day. Could she be the next American Idol??


Alissa said...

What a sweet little girl! Kalista loves dress up too, though it is her brother who is in to the tea parties and is always bringing me some "tea" to drink!

Brad, Amy & Sadie said...

I love the piano picture. So much fun!!!

Dallas said...

How fun! I loved all the pictures and can't wait to see some of her big girl room!

Cassie said...

She is such a BIG girl now!! Anna got her big girl room a little late. I will have to post photos of it. We just did it! oooops!
The piano is funny! I am sure that bring some entertainment to your house!