Saturday, August 12, 2006

Day in the life of a 2-year-old

The life of a two year old must be the sweetest of times. You wake up and scream until you are waited upon. Your diaper is changed and a fresh glass of milk awaits. A movie is put in, and breakfast choices are offered. Your belly gets filled quickly and the destruction of the house begins. Toys are brought out and carried to all rooms in the house...the mess begins for the day. You decide that "no" is a good choice of words for every question asked.

As I write this, my precious daughter is finally asleep after two rounds of rocking to sleep. Today was one of those days where Laura tried every trick in the book to wear me down...from the start of the day all the way to the rocking to sleep. But now, she sleeps and I know tomorrow will bring on a new set of fun experiences. Oh to be a two year old.....

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