Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mother's Day

I had a fabulous Mother's Day with my family.

It was the first time that Grant slept through the night, which made for a great start to the day. (He hasn't kept this up the last couple of nights, but I'm hopeful that it is permanently approaching.)

I was given a gift card for a spa treatment, which I'm looking forward to using once Jim turns in his dissertation. We all went to church together, and afterwards, Jim made a yummy brunch for everyone. Laura made me a precious book at school for me. Here is a sampling of it:

1. What ingredients are mothers made of? Cookies
2. What does your mom do in her spare time? She likes to work
3. Is anything about your mom perfect? Exercise
4. How much does your mother weigh? 23 lbs. I need to ask mommy.
5. What is your mother's favorite movie? Star Wars (I think she got mixed up on this one)
6. What is your favorite thing to do with your mother? Cook eggs and bacon
7. How much does your mother love you? A lot
8. What is your mother's job? Doing work-computer (maybe I need to layoff on blogging?)
9. How old is your mother? 30
10. Describe the world's greatest mom? She is fun and plays


Holly said...

So sweet! A great Mother's Day present from Grant and I LOVE the questions and answers. They made me laugh and I don't even know her!

aytes5 said...

I too got one of those books though the questions were different. The answers however were just as sweet and funny too :) Gotta work on Caleb's weight "estimating" though, sometimes I weigh 87 lbs and other times 300 lbs :) Glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day and hope grant starts sleeping through the night permanently :)

Allison said...

I finally found your blog and love it! Good seeing you yesterday at good ole target! Hope to see you guys next week!

Shana said...

I posted Easton's answers on our blog, too, and I loved the part where he said I weighed 20 lbs. :)
Those handmade gifts are the best!

The spa gift certificate was an awesome gift! I bet that you will enjoy that spa day more than ever!

E-mail me at when you get a chance. I have a question to ask you or Jim about a guy who applied for our Director of Children's Ministry position.

Dallas said...

What a sweet book! And way to go Grant...all night long. You are a a fantastic baby! You are looking beautiful, Sara!

April said...

Excellent picture! Beautiful family! I love the precious questions and answers. That is a treasure. Glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Andrea said...

I love the picture. You look amazing. The children are precious. And I love knowing that you weigh 23 pounds. Sweet girl.

Anonymous said...

The answers were great! Our children can build us up and humble us like no others! Yay for the spa day...because it means that Jim is almost finished and that you get pampered!

Anonymous said...