Monday, August 13, 2007

Turning Three

I have to say that going from parenting a 2-year-old to a 3-year-old has been challenging.

I'm not sure why we are having so many stubborn moments lately. But there have been more meltdowns in the last week than I can remember - and they are worse! (kicking, screaming, you know, all those really fun things, especially while you are out in public.)

Can anyone else relate???

On a positive note, I have enjoyed Laura's creative side lately. She is really into dressing up and using her new piano. Here are some cute pics of all her new princess outfits.


Alissa said...

I can totally relate. At our house, there were no terrible 2s, just terrible 3s! It was like overnight Kalista turned into this stubborn, hardheaded, bossy, fit-throwing stranger. I couldn't figure out where my sweet girl went. I would like to say she grew out of it by her 4th birthday, but I can't! We do have many good days and moments, but sometimes I feel like my whole day is one big negotiation with her. Hang in there!

Cassie said...

Ok I LOVED two and then three hit! What happened to our sweet little girl?? Hang in there we are seeing a break shortly after turning four. I think at 3 they are trying to show their independance and also they are able to do so much more but still need help. Even when they do not think they need help. I called these moments "lack of understanding moments".
Anna is growing out of the dress up stage and it is very sad for me. I loved that time with her and it just confirms that she is growing up SAD!!!! We are more into the Madeline dolls and playing out adventures.

Hang in there 3 is difficult but there will be good days!

aprillong said...

I love the pictures of Laura all dressed up! Too cute.