Monday, June 11, 2007

Week in Review

Laura and I returned from Houston on Saturday. With the cruise trip, we had been gone 2 weeks. She was excited to get back home and see her Daddy. Thankfully, Jim had a really busy week of school assignments, so his time passed quickly while we were away. Now that I am home, I feel like summer has begun. I've got three months off from school!!! We don't start back till after Labor Day. I'm excited for a good amount of time off.

While in Houston, our favorite day was going to Galveston. In the past, Laura had been afraid of the waves, but not this year. She had a blast playing in the water and sand. She did not like the taste of salt water, so every time she went to the water she had her hand over her mouth. She is incredibly prissy!

Today, Laura starts The Little Gym. She is excited about taking this class with her two friends from church. Hopefully they'll listen and not giggle too much.

We are starting potty training this week!!! Hoping that will go quickly and smoothly. Please pass on tips.


Brad, Amy & Sadie said...

Such great photos! In the top photo, the background looks FAKE, it is so perfect!

I'll leave the potty training tips to the moms who have completed it!


Cassie said...

Laura is so cute. I have photos of Anna in that same swimsuit at the ocean. Oh the memories.

Potty Training - Good Luck!! Once you put her panties do not go back to pullups or diapers with the exception of naps and nighttime. As soon as she gets up from nap or the morning make her go potty.

Bribes work great!!! Use them a lot in the beginning then not so much when you know she knows what to do.

Jenn said...

I love the beach pics!! How much fun!!!

Good luck with the potty training, you will do's not a big deal, just remember that YOU are the big person and you know how to use the potty, already!! he he he
We used a sticker chart with both girls (it included washing hands after using the restroom as well) and the girls both loved getting their sticker when they were finished. When they got to the end of a certain time period on the chart (3 times with no accidents, one week, two weeks, whatever you decide) they got a bigger bribe...for example, we could NOT get Grace to go poop in the potty so when she did she got a Barbie (one of the no frills $5 ones) worked!!

Ya'll will do great and don't worry, Laura won't go to college in diapers!! :)

Renee Lewis said...

Laura is precious! I can't believe how big she is getting! Potty training?! Wow. Time flies. Hope to see you guys soon!

Anonymous said...

I will let you know when my beach trip happens...:) Ya'll could be back here by then! Maybe not though! Good luck with potty training...the thing that both of my girls held true to was that they had to be ready. I was ready WAY before they were...sure they thought it would be a fun thing to occasionally do, but as a habit they became bored with it much more easily. I did wait for ME, she was a month from turning 3 I believe. I was so irritated because I wanted to stop buying diapers SO bad. When she was ready it was no problem. We had the occasional accident...still do when busy and not wanting to stop to go the the bathroom. As everyone else has will do fine! Laura, I am sure, will go through it with flying colors and you will be so proud and then you will be stopping on the side of the road on trips like the rest of us! :) (something Andrew taught the girls and I must admit...I have had them do myself after 3 30 minute intervals of needing to stop.