Friday, June 22, 2007

Potty Training

After two weeks of encouraging, praising, bribing, we have made no progress with Laura wanting to use the potty.

We've used M & M's to bribe to use the potty
We've used a timer that beeps to remind her to use the potty.
We've stayed home for a few days to reinforce using the potty.
We tried the "cold/wet" feeling pull-ups. (which she views as a diaper)
I've read books and searched the web looking for tips.

At first, Laura seemed interested, but it has now turned into a battle. She asks for her diapers telling me she is a baby now, not a big girl.

So...I'm seeking the advice and tips of all! Bring them on!


Jenn said...

I would go back to diapers...from what I have read and learned, they will go on the potty when they are ready. Leave her little potty out and try again in a few weeks. It also never hurts to leave a big bribe gift out near her potty (new doll, big girl panties with princesses on them, etc.)
As they told me...they won't go to college in diapers so don't fret!

I feel your pain though...Parker is almost one and I'm wondering just how much longer I will be changing diapers...wishful thinking, I know!!! :) :)

Ryan said...

The number one incontrovertible solution to potty training is...

Heh. Dream on.

I can tell you that my wife tried with Alex for many months and had no success. Bribery didn't work. Offering a treat when he went didn't matter, because he never got consistent. We tried offering a treat when he stayed dry, but he never got the concept. Fundamentally, he just didn't care. I've heard that cloth diapers work better because they can feel the wet, but...yuck.

Alex seems to be learning now, while he and my wife are off in Romania. My mother-in-law is helping, telling him if he wants to go out in the courtyard and play, he has to go potty first. I don't know what's different now. I think at some point it just clicks in their little brains.

And as my aunt said: "There are very few first-graders still in diapers." :)

aprillong said...

Mackenzie did exactly what Laura is doing, saying she was too little to potty train and she still needed diapers. When she reached that point and it became a battle, we put her back in diapers and did not even mention the potty for several days. Then we would talk about it again. Then we would try training pants again. Then the battle and back to diapers. One time when we began this process it just clicked and there was no battle. She was ready to procede, and, yes, it definately was in her own time, not ours! Sara, it will click for Laura...maybe just not yet. That really is ok. Perhaps frustrating, but ok. She'll get it...only when she is good and ready. :)

Cassie said...

I would stop for now. Sounds like everyone is frustrated. This is only a recommedation - I would do pullups in the day - so if she wants to go she can get them off. Also, encourage her to go when she gets up in the morning, mid-morning, before nap, and at bathtime. Just have her sit for a minute of two - reward if she does go, but no big deal if she does not. Also, you may want to leave the pullup on when it is dirty - I know this sounds gross and frankly it is but it may help her to understand the nasty feeling. Change it when she says something to you. You may have to watch her so she does not get creative!

She will get it! Hang in there. Just keep talking to her about being a big girl.

Cara said...

Hey, I've been thinking about the whole potty training issue. If i were you I would stop for awhile. I thought 2 was the magic age for Derek, but he had other plans. I got so frustrated I stopped trying. I kept the potty out and kept reading these two special potty books to him. Finally, 6 months later, he basically started on his own. With Austin I didn't even push the issue. He became curious on his own. He was a little over 2 1/2 when he finally was potty trained. Now we're trying to get him to stay dry during the night! I'm sick of washing sheets so often! Hope this helps. Don't get too worked up over this. One day you'll look back and laugh!