Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Milestone UPDATE

Laura is doing sooo good in her bed. She is staying in it all night long and taking naps. We rarely have to use the spanking spoon to reinforce staying in her bed. I'm very proud of her.

Thanks for all the tips. Now, it is time to potty train....We are going to start when we get back from our cruise.

Laura has officially graduated from her crib. I shed a few tears as the realization that she is now a big girl set in.

She did so great! We only had to go back and tell her to get back in her bed twice. She didn't really fall asleep until almost 10 p.m., but she did sleep all night. Of course, she was up bright and early this morning despite a late night.

She also went down well for her nap with only two reminders to get in her bed! I was a bit surprised but pleased it wasn't a huge battle. The video monitor has been the best investment, especially as she gets older and we want to watch her when the door is shut. I'm sure she is wondering how we know when she gets out of her bed and we respond so quickly. Jim says we are gonna keep it up till she is a teenager!

I welcome any strategies you used for making the transition from crib to bed.


Cassie said...

Way to go Laura!! She is getting so big - I guess since you guys are not here it still seems like she is a baby.

You know mine. We put the spanking stick at the door and she has to bring it to us if she gets out. This stopped the getting up ten times. We only had to use it a few times just the threat of it stops her. We do not have to do that now.
Laura will probably tempt you more after she gets use to the bed. Anna stayed in at first then a few months down the road she realized the freedom of a big bed. Although, Laura may realize it earlier than Anna - we used the safety rails which made it hard to get out.

Dallas said...

What a big girl! I wonder when Nora will be kicked out of her crib? Good luck with the staying in bed thing. We love our video monitor too. I guess it will come in handy for years to come :).

parks said...

Josie did not get out of bed at first either. After a while, it was several times! We had to lay down with her for a while- I broke her of that right before Jenna was born. We use the spanking spoon- she knows not to get out. It serves as a good threat. Now she will stay in bed and fall asleep on her own- she may talk a while, but she is in the bed and not getting out! Good Luck- I am sure Laura will do great. Just expect lots of "I need a drink" or "I need to go to the potty" and lots more!!

Jenn said...

When both girls got to "move up" to a big girl bed, they got a CD player and stories to listen to when they go to bed. They love it. We have bible stories, princess stories, you name it, they stay in their bed and listen to it! It is great and they don't get out of bed because they don't want to miss any of the story...You can buy them at Toys R Us and they are lifesavers, just like books on CD for a long trip! Grace is almost 6 and she still listens to stories EVERY night! Sometimes for a change, she listens to bible songs on CD, but mostly stories! Hope it helps keep your sweetie in bed!!

The Second Voice in my Head said...
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