Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Happy and Sad

As Jim mentioned in his blog, we are headed to Washington D.C. tomorrow. It will be the first time for both of us to visit this area. I am sure it will be jam packed with trying to visit all the sites.

While I'm excited to go on a trip with Jim, my heart still tugs when I think of leaving Laura. We've been away from her before a couple times and we did enjoy it. And I know it is good for a marriage to have time away free from responsibilities and focusing just on each other. With all that said, I am thankful for this time.

Of course, she will be in super hands, Beepaw and Meemaw Miller. I don't doubt they will have a wonderful time together.

I guess this is just preparation for when she goes to school all day and eventually when she goes to college!!


Ryan said...

It's good to see that you guys are raising your kid bilingual too. But...just what language is it that "Beepaw" and "Meemaw" come from?

Cassie said...

Hope you get away is a good one. I think we will not get one until Anna goes to college and at our luck she will want to live at home! ={

Laura will have a great time and will pull out all the tricks to get her way by saying "my mommy lets me do it!"
Have a great time and remember your kid is too!!

Brad, Amy & Sadie said...

Ahh, I cried on the train when we first left Memphis (on our Chicago trip), but, I got over it really quickly. I knew Sadie was in good hands and that she loves spending time with MeMe and Pappy (Ryan, got anything to say???) so it helped me to enjoy myself.

Have fun!

Dallas said...

Enjoy yourself! I left Nora for the first time a few weeks ago, but with Matthew, so that was fine. In a few weeks from now Matthew and I are going to take a night away from her. I will probably be sad, but hope to enjoy some sweet time with my husband, ALONE!