Friday, March 9, 2007

Can't Help Myself

Girl Scout cookies have arrived,
Just in time to add to my thighs.

I love them all!
Oh, yes, I do.
I can't just stop with one or two.

They taste so good; chocolatey sweet,
Delicious, delightful, yummy treat.

What about you?
Do you like them too?


Brad, Amy & Sadie said...

Oh my. Such a poet! I do, I do, and it is such a struggle because buying them is FOR A GOOD CAUSE... I used to love Thin Mints (stick 'em in the freezer), plus you get the most cookies for your buck, but I have moved on to Do-si-dos and Samoas. I vow only to buy Trefoils, though, because they are the "healthiest" (I think).

Dallas said...

You are so creative :). I have not had a single Girl Scout cookie this year...first time in a long time. I usually had a scout in my classroom and fell under the pressure of the sweet face begging me to buy 6 boxes of cookies. But this year, not a single little girl has hit me up to purchase any. However, I'm sure in a few weeks, the leftover boxes will be sold outside of Walmarts all across the country and I will give in :).

aprillong said...

I'm very impressed with your poetry skills! Add that to your list of special talents! That really is cute, Sara. Yes, we enjoy Girl Scout Cookies. (I think we bought some from the same person that you did this year.) Though we have not seen them to get our cookies just yet...when we do I'm sure they won't be around too long at our house either. :)

Cassie said...

I do like them!! But I only had two thin mints at my mom's house and I did not buy any!! Not that I did not want to, just thought in my thighs best interest I should not!

seriousgal2 said...

I bought four boxes . . . only to support the Girl Scouts of America. As a Den Leader of a Cub Scout group, it was my civic duty to support them, you know. Yeah, right, huh? (They tasted great)