Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Raw meat, anyone?

Did anyone watch Monday night's episode of "Wife Swap"?

One of the families, the Haigwoods, live on an all-raw diet - and I don't mean like raw vegetables. I mean raw chicken, beef, eggs, etc. I was just totally disgusted by this diet concept all night. I couldn't believe how bizarre it was.

Has anyone heard of an all-raw diet? What other weird diets have you heard about?


Cassie said...

I saw the end of the show and almost threw up! That is nasty! I understand raw veggies, which we do a lot of, but meat??? I can't even think about it now! How about the 4 month old meat he ate? Ok I have to stop I am already feeling the gagging reflex in my throat.

Dallas said...

Disgusting! I did not see it and am appalled by the family! What did the stand in wife think about it? Did she vomit at the dinner table? I would have!

t.galvin said...

The thing that always gets me is most of the people who follow these diets , i.e. vegans, raw, atkins, really don't ever look that healthy. sure they have low body fat, but none of them have muscle or from what it seems, much stamina, and most of the time they have a horrible complexion. Everything in moderation.....and cooked!


aprillong said...

O.K., that goes a step beyond disgusting...that is dangerous for the obvious (as well as the not-so-obvious) health reasons! I won't even ask if the family had children; I might be upset to think of the health risks those children would be facing daily.