Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Having a holy, jolly Christmas

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying the warmth of family and friends. Our family enjoyed an exciting Christmas with MeMe and Don-Don:

On Friday night we took Laura to a children's Christmas program at a large Baptist church in Houston (see photo 1). Laura even was invited to join two teenage girls on stage after the production (see photo 2); she loved the entire evening.

Although I prefer to worship a cappella and disagree with the Baptists on some doctrinal points, I am impressed with their professionalism. Their programs and services are incredibly organized; they use well the talents God gave them; and they don't seem to do anything half-heartedly.

On Sunday morning (Christmas Eve) we attended a local church of Christ, where the message partially emphasized the Christmas story. Did your church do anything special on Christmas Eve?

Laura, Sara and MeMe made a gingerbread house on Friday (see photos 3 and 4). Laura is not a fan of candy (other than chocolate), but she loved the icing.

Laura was Don-Don's helper on Christmas morning as he distributed gifts to the family (see photo 5). Among other presents, Laura enjoyed the ballerina skirt and crown that mommy gave her (see photo 6), the necklace that daddy gave her (see photo 7), and the tent that MeMe and Don-Don gave her (see photo 8).

We'll head back to Knoxville on Saturday, where my parents will meet us.

How holly and/or jolly was your Christmas?

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